Report shows global wireless satisfaction unchanged, U.S. still struggling

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JD Power may be reporting that wireless customer satisfaction is up in the United States; however, a new report from Zendesk reports that wireless carrier customer satisfaction remained unchanged globally in Q2 2012. Zendesk’s benchmarking report analyzes customer satisfaction levels across different industries, and out of the seventeen industries examined, telcos ranked next to last in customer satisfaction with a 73 percent overall satisfaction rate.

However, the entertainment and gaming industry rose four percentage points, up to 76 percent overall, to take the fourteenth spot. Education, IT services, and Real Estate took the top three spots in the study with an overall customer satisfaction rate of 94% or higher. Zendesk cites improvements in the global economy as reasons for the increased satisfaction rates, which makes sense for the entertainment and gaming industry. The better the economy, the more disposable income, and the easier it is to swallow the $60 price tag for a new video game or a $15 movie ticket for the latest blockbuster to hit the big screen.

Zendesk’s report also showed something quite interesting about the United States, we aren’t very happy customers. When examining United States customer satisfaction as a whole across all industries, the U.S. didn’t even break the top ten, taking the number twelve spot with an overall satisfaction score of 82 percent. New Zealand took the top spot with 92 percent, followed closely by Canada at 91 percent.

The report cites that companies that offer self-service abilities, especially via a mobile device, as a driver for customer satisfaction levels with companies. While media companies are seeing surges in mobile to the tune of 84 percent, customers are still hesitant about mobile usage when it comes to industries like banking and finance, likely due to the fact that many still are unsure if banking via mobile is totally secure.

You can check out the full Zendesk report below: