T-Mobile and MetroPCS Merger Approved

March 12, 2013

Statement by FCC COMMISSIONER MIGNON L. CLYBURN on Bureau order and declaratory ruling that approves the aplications of T-Mobile and MetroPCS 

Based on the record before the Bureau, I generally agree that these transfer of control applications would not likely result in competitive harm to wireless consumers. It also appears that this transaction could lead to benefits such as greater deployment of advanced Long Term Evolution (“LTE”) services, the expansion of the MetroPCS brand into new geographical markets, and the development of a more robust, nationwide network. Some commenters such as Communications Workers of America raised significant concerns with regard to whether, post-merger, the new company would pursue non-network synergies and efficiencies that could lead to significant job losses, a reduction in employment standards, and an adverse impact on customer service. In this regard, T-Mobile and MetroPCS made a statement that they have no plans to move call centers offshore or to reduce employment levels at T-Mobile call centers.
They also stated that, over the last six months, the company has hired more than 3,600 employees in its 17 domestic call centers, and plans to continue hiring in those call centers, increasing the number of overall U.S. positions, to support its customers. I hope that the new company, in fact, pursues a course that increases employment opportunities.”


Statement by FCC COMMISSIONER JESSICA ROSENWORCEL on T-Mobile – MetroPCS Transaction

“I am hopeful that the wireless license transfer approved today will result in a stronger fourth nationwide wireless carrier and will bring more competition to the market. By allowing these two market disrupters to join forces and harmonize their spectrum holdings, today’s action should ultimately lead to more choices and lower prices for consumers.
“Nonetheless, I have expressed to the parties my concern that as they move ahead, American workers do not get left behind. Major job losses are not in the public interest. The companies have pledged to me that they have no plans to close any domestic call centers, to move them offshore, to close any retail stores, or to reduce retail positions as a result of this deal. They have also assured me that they plan to increase the overall number of workers they employ in the United States.
“I expect that the company will keep its word—and live up to these promises.”



So it looks like the merger is going to be approved.

What does that mean for existing customers? Is LTE going to be available sooner rather than later? Can the merged network improve the level of service to customers?

Tell us what you think!