A Growing Reliance on Mobile Connectivity: Join the Movement

Reliance on technology is growing at a rapid speed but mobile signal is not improving at the same rate. As the reliance on mobile connectivity increases the need for improvement does too. If you’ve ever been a victim of dropped calls, webpages taking hours to load, tweets not tweeting from your phone, don’t suffer in silence. Complain to us and we’ll do the rest.

While you wait for us to help there are a few ways you can fix it on your own. You can:

Get a personal cell tower. These towers look like the Wi-Fi routeryou have at home. You just plug it in and it can improve your mobile connectivity to as high as five bars.

Get a direct signal booster. This is an antenna that is put up outside to capture the weak signal and releases a stronger signal back out.

Forward your mobile calls to your landline. This won’t help with your mobile connectivity outside of your home but at least when you are home you can get clear sound. On an iPhone go to settings, phone, call forwarding. On Android phones you can go to settings, my device, call, additional settings, call forwarding.

At Octavia Technologies, we are dedicated to getting you coverage everywhere. We offer solutions to boosting your cellphone signal for every carrier.

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